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I've been interested in weather, oh probably since my first snowstorm, certainly since my first tropical storm on Long Beach Island, NJ. I have more weather and climate web pages than our home page can comfortably handle, so I'm expanding over here to handle everything. Also, I had a couple of topics not big enough to warrant their own web pages, and this make a handy place for them.

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Southern New England gets the biggest snow storms!

It wasn't until I lived near Concord NH for a decade that I realized Massachusetts got "better" snow storms than I did. Eventually I dug up information from a few NWS stations and and found that Boston, Worcester, Hartford and even Providence all had bigger snow storms for each month of meteorological winter than did Concord. I can no longer find the particular NWS or NCDC pages from then, but I found a resource that is useful for 1981 to 2010. It does fine, but it misses the records set in the two massive storms in 1978. Yes, there was a record setting storm a few weeks before the Blizzard of '78. Here are the maximum 24 hour snow falls as gleaned from Taunton, MA and Gray, ME.
LocationOctNovDec JanFebMarAprMay
Hartford, CT08.912.5 24.021.912.314.10
Boston, MA1.15.911.9 14.623.612.322.40
Worcester, MA1.57.017.3 21.118.814.915.00.3
Concord, NH1.46.815.6 18.313.515.513.30
Providence, RI08.014.3 20.814.710.07.30
Portland, ME?
Key Greatest monthly snowfall that was in Concord
Greatest monthly snowfall that was not in Concord
Lesser snowfalls greater than Concord

Concord can do relatively well in fall and spring months thanks to several effects that lead to a better chance of snow than rain, though while Concord had the biggest March storm, southern New England is still at risk, as the April data makes clear.

There are several effects involved:

Thoughts on How Snow Melts

TBD. Tease: The phrase "snow-eating fog" has cause and effect backwards.

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Written 2013 Jan 6, last updated 2013 Jan 6.