Winter 07/08

Nothing fancy here, this page exists primarily to show off some photos and make it easy for NECN or others to fetch them.

March 22

A couple weeks ago these gravestones were completely buried.

Ditto, it's not just that row!

I made a snow core drill this year.

On March 7th my 30" snow pack held 5.1" of water. On March 22nd the snow pack is down to 23", but recent rain has brought the water content up to 8.2". While I had more snow than many areas of the state, the longer our cold weather hangs on the greater the risk of an inch or two of warm rain and major flooding.

The C-clamps are because I forgot to buy a pair of handles. The shovel is because I don't have a good way to keep the core in the pipe. So I dig a hole and use the shovel to cover the bottom of the pipe and tilt the pipe horizontal. Works well enough. It's a short shovel - the yardstick reads 25" and the spot may have gotten some snow blower output. So I choose not to believe the 9.0" of water I measured here. That may be denial....

March 19

Spring (such as it is) and the higher sun help expose interesting snow "sections," a record of snow storm history.

This garden tractor was completely buried, but the sun has been melting back the snow.

Life is getting easier for the mailman.

March 2

My main snowbank is over 7 feet. it can't get much higher. I packed down the top with my snowshoes, so I can get a bit more snow on it.

These didn't look very good before winter came either.

My sidewalk.

My neighbor's pothole. It gets patched almost every storm. There's a storm drain just a few feet away and uphill.

High style points for this excavation. It's about five feet from road to box.

How can you beat clear roads, blue sky, and winter calm? Drivers want more than 1 1/2 lanes and no frost heaves. You can't please everyone.

Spring will return.

March 1

6.5" new snow (and another inch later in the day). Today is the start of meteorological spring. Meteorologists like to put seasons in buckets three months long. Perhaps the committee that came up with that was based in Washington DC.

I parked my car on the edge of the driveway so I can clear the parking area easily. This is the shape of the right side of my car.

My big snowpile has a face so steep that new snow avalanches down when disturbed.

Even the smaller ones do.

And they interfere with visibility. Out of sight is not out of mind.!

I suppose someone better clear off the grill.

This and the next few are from the neighborhood.

These folks have a newspaper tube people can reach. I have to dig out mine, if the snowblower doesn't cover them, the state's plow does.

Feb 27

Call it 34 inches on the ground.

My Davis Vantage Pro sensor unit, mount about 3 meters off the ground. Legal for temperature, the wind sensors should be 10 meters off the ground.

In the previous photo I was kneeling on the snow bank, in this one I'm standing!

Jan 19

If the squirrel was hanging on to the tube, its weight would trigger a motor and spin him off. On Mar 1 the squirrels can stand on the snow and eat.

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