Ric Werme's Guide to
Watts Up With That

Anthony Watts' Watts Up With That? blog is hosted by Wordpress, a blog host that works best for bloggers who post a few articles each week. Anthony and his crew post several articles per day, and trying to hunt down old articles is a bit frustrating. There is a search mechanism, but that seems limited to keywords in the original article. You can also look at a day's posts, but that's an inefficient way to browse through old articles.

People making comments have no hints as to how to format them. There used to be the barest of hints below the comment box, but it was a poor list, even wrong in places, and no longer displays. See the bottom of this document for better guidance.

WUWT Navigation Bars

Every so often, please take a break from reading the recent posts and comments to check the two navigation bars.

The top bar (with labels from "Home" to "WUWT stuff" goes to permanent posts that are updated frequently, sometimes automatically, sometimes manually. The most important label is "Resource Pages". When you hover the cursor over it, a submenu appears listing the the various domains WUWT covers. The most popular of these is the Sea Ice Reference Page. Many readers like to follow the progression of Arctic sea ice extent each summer because of the frequent handwringing from Al Gore and the NSIDC about how soon we'll have an ice free Arctic. Given that we've only had good data for this since polar satellites started returning images of ice cover, no one can make authoritative predictions for the current season, let alone the next.

The right side nav bar is a potpourri of information and links to internal and external sites. The search box searches the content WUWT posts but not the comments. It's a good way to hunt down some post on a subject you remember reading about. Some links go to Anthony's business, Weather Shop (please buy stuff there!), some have current images of a subject and a link to more information. Anthony's lists of other blogs is unique in that he links to blogs that are major detractors of WUWT, most of which disparage WUWT but don't link to it.

Everything else is pretty much self explanatory. It changes frequently enough so a periodic check is worthwhile to see what's new and what you've forgotten about.

WUWT Tables of Contents

Two series of ToCs are available:

Monthly - This is good to check if you know approximately when something happened and want to look for relevant posts. Even better, this is a good way to see what else was happening then.

Categories - This is good to check if you are interested in particular topics. Even better, if you are looking for topics to be interested in, check out the list.

You can also use the right side nav bar to find the same information displayed as WordPress see fit. This includes some text at the beginning of each post. My pages only have the title, and everything is in a single web page. They both have their merits.

WUWT Classics

Here are some posts that deserve to used as reference works, not just as comment-du-jour. The real reference is usually elsewhere, but a lot of us heard it first here.

Guest poster Willis Eschenbach always comes up with fascinating posts. Even his autobiographical posts are remarkable. He's collected An Index to Willis's Writings up to May 2011 and deserves this special entry here.

Titles and Links for the Last Two Weeks

Information here (and in the monthly and category pages) is collected soon after midnight Pacific time (which is WUWT time, at least as far as dates go). The "Recent" column is the number of comments made yesterday and may be most useful for finding older posts that are still active for some reason. Sometimes those reasons are an interesting exchange of information and collaboration. Sometimes it's just two pig-headed bores who don't know when to stop. Sometimes you can't tell the difference!

Daily summary Total WUWT
views to date
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 27307,245,639
Mitigation Math: Is Climate Activism Futile? (Judith Curry thinks so) 110110
Another Manntastic claim: Extreme weather events linked to climate change impact on the jet stream 213213
Scientific Breakthrough: Malaria Could be a Thing of the Past 9292
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 26307,146,473
Claim: Earth’s Greatest Mass Extinction is a Warning to Us 10676
Fear of Nuclear – Part 3 19166
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 25307,068,718
Take-aways from the Washington, D.C. Heartland Climate Change Conference 23527
California Auto Emissions Showdown 15512
The futility of “Earth Hour” @earthhour 1569
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 24306,992,045
More worrying than global warming – report on ‘extreme space weather’ shows risks to Earth 1650
Effect of Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations on Early Human Societies 2245
The Anthropocene: Scientists respond to criticisms of a new geological epoch 2312
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 23306,895,094
What is it Like to Attend a Heartland Climate Conference? 861
Dean Swift’s foresight – Energy in the 21st century 770
Earth Hour supporters propose ‘Carbon Law’ 2680
State of the Climate 2016 – based exclusively on observations 2654
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 22306,789,772
U.S. EIA: “Record Precipitation, Snowpack in California” 903
By the numbers: Lifetime Performance of World’s First Offshore Wind Farm 1024
#ExxonKnew and Schneiderman get hoisted by their own petard 770
Oh noes! Last remnant of ancient North American ice sheet on track to vanish 1940
Is there a Linux specialist in the house? 22113
Watch out for the ‘Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health’ 1010
A Bureaucrat Says: “Market Argues Against Arctic Ocean Oil Development.” The Market Seems to Disagree. 210
The silver-tongued liars’ playbook for coal 700
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 21306,666,748
Climate Models Wipe out Life in Trappist-1 Solar System!!! 1710
Science is making killer (tasting) tomatoes again 1400
Good news! Study says the foundation of aquatic life can rapidly adapt to global warming 980
Government websites break their own rules to cater to ‘climate cult’ 1030
Claim: Climate Increases Diabetes Rates 1920
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 20306,538,174
Lack of correlation between tornadoes and temperature increase in the USA 1220
“No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there.” 1890
Solar Slump: The Sun has been blank for two weeks straight 42511
Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #263 240
Great News! “The fossil fuel industry’s invisible colonization of academia” 900
A serious climate opportunity 830
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 19306,335,429
Aussie Climate Scientist: Having a Baby is an “ethical entanglement” 1930
The 300th Anniversary of the Great Colonial Snowcover of 1717 670
Scientists try to restore Pluto’s planet status 1890
Solar Update March 2017 – still slumping 4430
If only we had listened to climate scientists back in 1979…here’s what would have happened 1220
Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Sux 3040
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 18306,230,495
The social cost of carbon regulations hurt the poor, and ignore benefits 1020
Response to the New York Times primer on climate change: ‘Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change’ 3290
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 17306,148,168
Exergy and Power Plants 3020
The G-20 Drops Climate Change From Communique 2030
Study: Extensive ice cap once covered sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia 1300
On the Reproducibility of the IPCC’s climate sensitivity 2301
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 16306,039,444
Shocker: little known ‘Financial Stability Board’ has huge climate deceit 1570
White House Budget Director: Climate Spending “a waste of your money” 1600
Trump’s budget to “hammer climate programs” across the Federal government!!! 2220
‘Scientists have to take to the streets’: Climate alarm goes past 11, now up to 12! 2280
Obama’s $77 Billion climate funds stash found – will be gutted 1110
Outwitting climate change with a plant ‘dimmer’? 230
Claim: China’s severe winter haze tied to effects of global climate change 1030
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 15305,916,141
Green Policy Drama: Political Clash at a Federal News Conference 1090
Discounting Away the Social Cost of Carbon: The Fast Lane to Undoing Obama’s Climate Regulations 1830
South Australia – a Renewable State? 1480
Study: why CO2 levels are lower during global cold periods 1780
Surprising news about trend of America’s temperature and precipitation 1330
Report: Trump Orders Massive UN Budget Cuts 2820
WUWT index page for 2017 Mar 14305,800,230
Study: Ice age thermostat prevented extreme climate cooling 1120
Why did the buffalo cross the land bridge? 2190
“Arctic ice loss driven by natural swings, not just mankind: study” 32918
How Imminent is the RSS Pause? (Now Includes January and February Data) 2760

Formatting in comments

Neither WUWT nor WordPress provide much documentation for the HTML formatting permitted in comments. There are only a few commands that are useful, and a few more that are pretty much useless.

A typical HTML formatting command has start and end pieces and has general form of <name>text to be formatted</name>. A common mistake is to forget the ending. Until WordPress gets a preview function, we have to live with it.

N.B. WordPress handles some formatting very differently than web browsers do. A post of mine shows these and less useful commands in action at WUWT.

b (bold) This is <b>bold</b> text This is bold text Command strong does the same
i (italics) This is <i>italicized</i> text This is italicized text Command em (emphasize) does the same
a (anchor) See <a href=http://wermenh.com>My home page</a> See My home page A URL by itself (with a space on either side) is often adequate in WordPress, e.g. See http://wermenh.com
blockquote (indent text) My text
<blockquote>quoted text</blockquote>
More of my text
My text
quoted text
More of my text
Quoted text can be many paragraphs long. WordPress italicizes quoted text (and the <i> command enters normal text).
strike This is <strike>text with strike</strike> This is text with strike  
pre ("preformatted" - use for monospace display) <pre>These lines are bracketed<br>with &lt;pre> and &lt;/pre>
These lines are bracketed
with <pre> and </pre>
Preformatted text, generally done right. Use it when you have a table or something else that will look best in monospace. Each space is displayed, something that <code> (next) doesn't do.
code (use for monospace display) <code>Wordpress handles this very differently</code> Wordpress handles this very differently See http://wattsupwiththat.com/resources/#comment-65319 to see what this really does.
iframe <iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/yaBNjTtCxd4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Useful for including Youtube videos, see below.

The following commands appear to work only in replies to comments or in block quotes. There seems to be no explanation of why or how WordPress does this. I assume it's a bug, I assume they meant to prevent these commands from passing through at all. It may be that they let almost anything else through too. Oh my, these only work for me if I'm logged into my WordPress account (they don't work if I use my FaceBook account). It may be they work only because I have the ability to post new articles.

Bottom line: don't expect the following to work....

u (underline) This is <u>underlined</u> text This is underlined text Why, WordPress, why?
hr (horizontal rule) <hr>This has hr commands before and after the text<hr>
This has hr commands before and after the text
There's no ending command. You're expected to use <hr /> commands.
h1 <h1>Header size 1</h1>

Header size 1

These are used for section headers in long web pages, so may not be all that useful or welcome on WUWT. On my browser they display large blue sans-serif text.
h2 <h2>Header size 2</h2>

Header size 2

h3 <h3>Header size 3</h3>

Header size 3

h4 <h4>Header size 4</h4>

Header size 4

Levels 4, 5, and 6 all seem to do the same thing. They display small black text, subsequent text is normal size and hence bigger. In a reply, the header is in a serif font, in a block quote, it's a sans serif font like the rest of the quote.
h5 <h5>Header size 5</h5>
Header size 5
h6 <h6>Header size 6</h6>
Header size 6

Youtube videos

Using the URL for a YouTube video creates a link like any other URL. However, YouTube accepts the HTML for "embedded" videos. From the YouTube page after the video finishes, click on the "embed" button and it will suggest HTML like:
<iframe width="560" height="315"
        frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

You can change the size of the frame to display by selecting one in the "Video size" menu below, I suggest not copying the width and height attributes, WordPress should choose a large size.

Copy and paste the HTML into your comment and it WordPress will generate something like:

Special characters in comments

Those of us who remember acceptance of ASCII-68 (a specification released in 1968) are often not clever enough to figure out all the nuances of today's international character sets. Besides, most keyboards lack the keys for those characters, and that's the real problem. Even if you use a non-ASCII but useful character like ° (as in 23°C) some optical character recognition software or cut and paste operation is likely to change it to 23oC or worse, 230C.

Nevertheless, there are very useful characters that are most reliably entered as HTML character entities:

Type thisTo getNotes
&lt;<Less than sign
Left angle bracket
&deg;°Degree (Use with C and F, but not K (kelvins))

Superscripts (use 8304, 185, 178-179, 8308-8313 for digits 0-9)

Subscripts (use 8320-8329 for digits 0-9)
&pound;£British pound
&ntilde;ñFor La Niña & El Niño
&micro;µMu, micro
&plusmn;±Plus or minus
&ne;Not equals
&nbsp; Like a space, with no special processing (i.e. word wrapping or multiple space discarding)
&gt;>Greater than sign
Right angle bracket
N.B. this is generally not needed

Linking to past comments

Each comment has a URL that links to the start of that comment. This is usually the best way to refer to comment a different post. The URL is "hidden" under the timestamp for that comment. While details vary with operating system and browser, the best way to copy it is to right click on the time stamp near the start of the comment, choose "Copy link location" from the pop-up menu, and paste it into the comment you're writing. You should see something like http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/07/15/central-park-in-ushcnv2-5-october-2012-magically-becomes-cooler-in-july-in-the-dust-bowl-years/#comment-1364445.

The "#<label>" at the end of the URL tells a browser where to start the page view. It reads the page from the Web, searches for the label and starts the page view there. As noted above, Wordpress will create a link for you, you don't need to add an <a> command around it.

Climate Audit Assistant

Another approach to dealing with this is a Firefox add-on that replaces the edit window with a better one that has buttons for formatting text. It's a two piece install, see the web page for details. It coexists okay with the "It's all Text" extension that lets you send the text in a text edit window to your regular editor.

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Written 2009 Dec 5, last updated 2014 December 28.