State of NH Budget browser
N.B. This is not an official State of NH Web page. The data herein may be wrong, stale, or worse. Check the official pile of numbers before committing to any action from data you find here.

The NH State Budget is "readily" available at as a 518 page Word .doc or .zip file or as a .pdf file. I assume that's also 518 pages long. Of that, there are some 10,000 account numbers and names. All in all, it's not the most browsable of documents. There are some summaries available too, but I haven't checked them yet.

As public service (and an excuse to hack up a Python CGI script), I put all the line items in a database and wrote a retrieval system to follow the branches of the budget bush.

It's under development still, but it appears useful in its current form. You can start at the top or follow one of these links to start on a first level branch or DCYF unit.

To descend deeper into the budget, click on links in the "name" column. To see a relevant portion of the the budget text, click on links in the "fy2005" column. That text often has footnotes or a better breakdown of the money sources, so it's worth checking. In fact, the entire text of the budget is in those 1172 links.

pmu name fy2004 fy2005 agency general federal other
01 GENERAL GOVERNMENT 312,466,991 326,051,415 0 258,637,554 19,240,210 48,173,651
02 ADMIN OF JUSTICE & PUBLIC PRTN 379,309,394 371,726,692 0 205,270,554 43,520,796 122,935,342
03 RESOURCE PROTECT'N & DEVELOP'T 218,422,471 220,626,533 0 42,170,092 67,700,173 110,756,268
04 TRANSPORTATION 507,187,357 512,180,390 0 2,890,959 154,627,479 354,661,952
05 HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES 1,726,229,691 1,751,650,584 0 620,788,082 855,891,409 274,971,093
05-01 DEPT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SVCS 1,707,821,886 1,732,917,143 0 613,956,833 850,749,034 268,211,276
05-01-08 DIV CHILDREN, YOUTH & FAMILIES 122,587,582 123,340,534 0 58,080,560 53,545,319 11,714,655
05-01-08-01 OFFICE OF DIRECTOR-CY&F            
05-01-08-02 BUREAU OF CHILDREN & FAMILIES            
05-01-08-03 BUR OF ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES            
05-01-08-04 BUREAU OF QUALITY IMPROVEMENT 311,331 320,071 0 159,955 160,116 0
05-01-08-05 STAFF DEVELOPMENT BUREAU 2,201,455 2,205,297 0 354,808 1,850,489 0
05-01-08-06 FOSTER CARE HEALTH PROJECT 775,394 788,529 0 220,016 568,513 0
05-01-08-07 CHILDREN, YOUTH & FAMILY SVCS            
05-01-08-08 BUR OF CHILD DEVLPMNT SERVICES            
05-01-08-09 FEDERAL GRANT PROGRAMS            
05-01-08-10 PASS THRU GRANTS            
05-01-08-11 COMPENSATION BENEFITS            
06 EDUCATION 1,325,148,436 1,263,799,124 0 253,693,029 216,883,292 793,222,803

More caveats

This isn't the whole story

In particular, the agency, general, federal, and other columns, which are estimates of funding, lack full detail. Also, some line items have footnotes. I'm going to look into adding links to the raw budget text, but it's not there today.

If the links timeout or worse...

While this page is on my ISP's server in Utah, all the budget links access PC at home, just an old Compaq Deskpro PC with Linux, Apache, and Python. Sometimes I run Windows, and you'll just have to wait. Or print out the whole budget from the State's site.

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Last updated 2004 March 24.