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The art, science, and skills involved in figuring out just where you are on the planet have a long, complex, and fascinating history. Human seafaring history pushed the state of the art in several fields including astrodynamics and clock design. The "Global Positioning System" is the first that deserves the adjective "ultimate" as it gives nearly everyone the accuracy, cost, and ease of use that they will ever need to learn exactly where they are. (Software and hardware manufacturers still have room to claim several more "ultimates" vis-a-vis where you've been, where you're going, how to get there, etc....)

This hierarchy contains my comments and observations about GPS issues. Most people will be better off at one of:

I use GPS hiking, biking, geocaching, and driving. My sister needed a GPS receiver for much of that, so I saved my observations.

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Last updated 2002 June 22.