Over the past several years I've written a few pages about climate. they don't really go together, but they're not completely independent, either. There's a good chance I'll write more or split the climate change page into sections, so I decided to write this home page now instead of later.

The following are documents I've written to various organizations in response to announcements of public hearings or to explain my views to public figures.

The following are the very best of the best external sites about climate science. I do intend to write a page to host a wider selection of links, but these deserve recommendation here, probably even after I write that other page. All three of the authors once felt that global warming was human-caused but after into the subject found that is likely not the case.


People often claim that nothing ever really disappears from the Internet. While that's well worth considering before putting something on the 'net, it's false. Lots of junk disappears every day. A frustrating amount of good information, especially news stories, disappears. Future historians will have a lot of trouble tracing things. While I'm reluctant to make my own copies of many documents, especially those on today's complex web sites, there are some things I really don't want to lose. Here are a few of them.

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Last updated 2015 Nov 15.